SW002: Fear is the maker

Fear ensures humankind’s survival. It is not a necessary evil but a necessary actor, an agent that holds a psyche together. “Fight or flight” triggers not from happy times but direst threat—death, destruction and embarrassment.

Fear keeps you safe.

But fear can also drive a person mad, couples apart and civilizations to shambles.

What do you fear?

Share your sharpest fears in the comments below. You may also self-administer the Fear Schedule Survey II, a real test given by real psychologists, to see how you measure up to other fraidy cats.

One Comment

  1. Chris wrote:

    Im scared of the thought that I am already dead and that my living waking life now is only an illusion created by mind and apart of what used to bs my real reality.. At some point I died and its never been the same. Certain times I feel like I over come the fear but other times I feel the fear is stronger than ever and only the thought of God helpin me has helped me overcome the fear at the times when im able to.