The Fakeproject Corporation of America is best revealed when we have your attention. Musician Daniel Reetz and writer Meg Holle found it through image, text and sound with sideways nods to self help and enhancement.

Since its 2008 release online for free, the album and pamphlet You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living have been downloaded over 26,000 times, while the original website has captured over 150,000 unique IPs.

Post initial launch, Meg and Daniel were pleased. At last people knew they weren’t dead. All we had to do was tell them.

A couple of years later in sharp blank pants came director/producer Danielle Marleau. With Daniel and Meg’s zeal and blessing—and a whole lot of people’s sweat and blood—You Are Not Dead became a live-action seminar, opening in April 2010 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Retooled yet again, the play will run in the 2011 Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 8–18.

To close the gap between the heavily revised Canadian version of the guide—published in paperback for the seminar—and the maladjusted American original, You Are Not Dead dot com (this site) launched September 2011, presenting a fresh U.S. edition.

Meg and Daniel are now beyond pleased. This is what being Not Dead’s supposed to be—blunt and sharp and wicked smart, clean and dark and charming. Like us.

Meg Holle
A librarian in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Meg Holle wrote the text for You Are Not Dead. Though currently distracted by the daily triage horrorshow of remedial critical thinking and information literacy, she has no doubt that novel will someday write itself.

Find her personal website at deepsicks.com.

Daniel Reetz
Artist, hacker and engineer, Daniel Reetz created the music and images for You Are Not Dead. He can be found in the usual places: WiredNYTMotherjonesGizmodo and Make, to name a few.

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