4. The advantages of becoming a landowner


Have you ever said to others, or braver, to yourself, “Money’s not important. It’s just money.” Perhaps you chose a lower-paying path because the scenery was nicer and the tasks, better matched. The spouse, more attractive or attached—with less expensive suits and shoes, but more stylish genes.

Face it. With basic wants to need, bills to pay, conveniences to lease and down payments to make, you need money. Divorcing yourself from the drive for financial stability dismisses reality and kills all hope of keeping a more than minimum level of comfort.

You want a more than minimum level of comfort, don’t you?

It’s okay to want things. It’s okay to get them. You’re okay when you give money the power to speak to and through desire. Acquiring goods and services contributes to your identity. Not through “things”—who cares about vanity. This is a bracing humility and deep humanity with deciding how to spend your money.

You’re not a passive consumer. You’re an active consumer.
You vote with your dollars for the materials you enjoy and the modes of manufacturing that align with your values. You also shine true with your keen shopper savvy, hunting down bargains and capitalizing on discounts that allow you even more purchase.

Groceries, vehicles, clothing, appliances, vacations and nights on the town—all of these are meaningful transactions, but the greatest satisfaction comes from buying a lasting home. Renting is like throwing your money down a hole. Loaning lets your money dig for you—the key to long-term depth.

Long-term stability.

Though it may sound uncouth, nothing can compare with acquainting yourself with the soil of your own land—smelling the dirt and sensing the solid weight of the earth behind you. Owning property also provides shelter for your stuff. It establishes stability, a belonging of belonging. It restores the dignity the quest for money dissolves.

If money is the root of evil, we are the devil’s sharecroppers. Someday you will buy the farm.


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