Enhance your experience with consumption

Prove to passersby you’re on the right track with a printed copy of You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living.

This full-color, 64-page book is the delectable Canadian edition, maladjusted as appropriate from the US version on this site.

$12 US
Free shipping in US and Canada

You Are Not Dead FRIDGE WORDS frees you to use the language that best expresses you. Each set includes:

* 120 words + phrases
* Versatile suffixes
* 2 full-color image magnets (3.5″ x 2″)
* 5 bonus mini-images

Arrange magnetic quips and commands on your favorite metal surface: your refrigerator, a filing cabinet, a cold steel casket. The sky is the limit! The sky is not made of metal.

$5 US
Free shipping in US and Canada!

Just like it suggests—get one copy of the guide and a set of magnets at a reduced price, with shipping free in the US and Canada.