Good news for children: Failure is thriving

Being unhappy about your level of happiness takes root at an early age. Since it’s too late to be responsible for yourself, now is the time to shepherd young sheep—your children, nieces, nephews and the hellions in the street.

Lori Gottlieb has lots of good thoughts about other people’s bad thoughts. For example,

Everything is fine. Why aren't you happy?
It’s because you are afraid to fail, and also fail to recognize it. You were not informed during your formative years of the reality and utility of falling short. You never mourned a wound. Participation was enough. Inside your cocoon, you never had to fail because you had nothing to prove. You were already perfect, number one, the best! and your parents made sure you knew.

Gottlieb’s Atlantic Monthly article “How to Land Your Kids in Therapy” gives a stern talking to. Read it, and reinforce your Not Dead wisdom. Discover more about what’s wrong with you and find out tricks for being a better adult to children.

Don't ruin kids. Let them bleed on the ground. Let them learn what they're made of.