Developed by the Fakeproject Corporation of America, You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living is a leading, cutting, bleeding edge life-enhancement system! Through text, images and music—thought experiments and emotional workouts—at last you will know your place.
Explore the You Are Not Dead precepts in order, or focus on the matters that speak to you mos

You Are Not Dead guide

While the precepts correct your silly, foul notions, Self Work encourages you to apply what you’ve learned and prepare for the inevitable. We pose common scenarios, ethical dilemmas, tricky mind traps and good ol’ fashioned Big Questions to challenge your understanding of who you think you are and dare you to re-imagine—and reinvent—your worth.

What are you bad at? What are you good for?

Help us help you help yourself to a heaping helping of helpful well-being!

Self work: Engage!

Do you still suffer something missing inside? We are not surprised. Here are additional awesome things to do and see:

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A lot lies before you. A lot lies inside. A plot lies buried between the lines.

Worry / Wonder

No more worry. No more wonder. Allow your life to unfold behind you.

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