Well, it’s true: You Are Not Dead. And through repeated perusal of this guide and diligent strides in Self Work, your awareness and understanding of better living through not dying will increase and exhume: all doubt, all dark thoughts, all frail dreams.

As you continue your journey with your new ideas, you may slip into old habits or unhelpful thoughts. Don’t curse these transgressions or blame yourself. The only shortcoming you could possibly commit is denying you too contribute to prosperity—you have a place in and duty to disaster. Find comfort within crisis and how you choose to deal with it. Turn trauma into triumph and a blind eye to blame.

Do your part. Feel all right. Witness your improvement and allow it to delight, exhilarate and calm.

You’re okay. Okay?

Never give up giving in to feeling it. Allow it to consume.

Being Not Dead, as glorious as it is, will be over soon.


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